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Think about an ecologically sustainable future

Concerns about environmental issues are increasingly prominent in all Kerion Ceramics activities.


In this sense, we seek to adopt a position favorable to the demands of our consumers, adopting productive strategies focused on the ecological aspects as a form of competitiveness.


In order to meet the needs of the markets we always seek to develop our activity under the premise of respect for the environment and with a perspetive to sustainable development which represents the true competitiveness and strategic differentiation in which we intend to stand out.


All sectors work for the best efficiency and use of resources using sustainable technology, avoiding waste, reusing resources and using products that are environmentally friendly.


Actions are implemented in the company to strengthen the sector’s economy through access to sustainable practices for a greater technological knowledge of the productive processes and their implications in function of the current environmental legislation.

Sustainability. Our responsibility.

Inspired by innovative aesthetic solutions, new colors, textures, formats and use of natural raw materials we seek to minimize environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle.
It is important to ensure sustainability throughout the production process and ensure that customer needs and expectations are met in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements.
It is in this regard that Kerion throughout its activity seeks to have an environmentally correct behavior, guided by the principle of sustainable development and adopting measures that stimulate the environmental awareness of its employees and partners.

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ISO 14001

Kerion Ceramics has demonstrated ecologically correct routines with the adoption of good management practices through the implementation of the Environmental Management System. These practices emerge as a new vision of sustainability which is ensured by the growth of sustainable use of natural resources.
This certification is also reflected as a competitive advantage in the national and international market and consolidates credibility with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Treatment of gas effluents

Technologies that reduce energy consumption

Reduction in the consuption of water by treating and reusing

Environmental Quality

Treatment of gas effluents

Raw materials aquired from enviromentally minded suppliers and partners

Use of energy sources with low level of emissions

Use of pallets that meet the requisites of phytosanitary legislation in accordance with the FAO international norm.

Work with Licenced Partners to dispose of residues

Sensibilization regarding the separation of residues produced all over the production facilities by placing containers that are clearly visible and identified

Reduction in the consumption of raw materials originating from geological resources, minimizing wastage by transforming them into resources



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